The future of health insurance
is a health solution.

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We've developed the future of health insurance.
And the solution is simple. IncentiCare®.

Rather than making wellness an add-on, IncentiCare embeds health and wellness as the core of the insurance plan. 

We find health risks before they become problems so employees can live happy, healthy lives. Employees control their deductible and premiums are reduced. Nearly every employee participates.

incenticare wellness core of insurance product

“When participation is at 70% or more, you discover 167% more employees at high risk for health conditions than you would at a 30% participation rate.” -Quest Diagnostics

BeniComp® participation is over 95%.


Preventive Health Management (PHM)

The power of prevention and actionable information


  • Annual blood screening results and analysis help predict risks for many conditions at their earliest, most treatable stages
  • Outcome-based incentives are customized to address company goals and achieve optimal results
  • Dashboard results on 19 lab values give participants a picture of their general health, nutritional status, and metabolic function
  • Protocols define actions by our clinical team to address risks and take action
  • Actionable notifications drive health improvement resulting in lower healthcare costs


Built on the premise that “knowledge is power”, PHM puts actionable health information in the hands of participants, and provides the tools needed to improve health and well-being.

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what is pulse

Corporate Health Dashboard

Take control of your company’s health


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  • Manage your list of employees in one convenient location
  • Upload and communicate health plan documents
  • View at-a-glance company health dashboards
  • Access current financial health reports in seconds
  • Compare your company’s health to the average population


The Comparison

A bundled health solution = greater savings and healthier employees


The Savings

5-year projected total savings of $4,998,693

($13,086 per happier, healthier employee)



incenticare chart


incenticare table

Assuming 9.0% 'Without BCA' medical plan trend, it is anticipated that the Projected Cost (red line) will be 29% higher after 5 years.

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The Solution

One innovative package of preventive insurance products

Excellent Third Party Administration

We have dedicated our efforts to providing professional claims management with effective managed care initiatives, prompt service, accuracy, good communication, large claims management, coordination of benefits and subrogation.

Stop-Loss Coverage

Our A-rated stop-loss carrier or a carrier of your choice.

BeniComp Advantage

The leader in outcome-based incentives, the most cost-effective incentives resulting in more than 95% employee participation.

Predictive Health Management (PHM)

PHM uses clinical outreach and nurse health coaching to put actionable health information in the hands of participants, and provide the tools needed to improve health and well-being.


PULSE is an innovative portal used to identify and communicate health risks to drive employee health improvements and lower healthcare costs. 


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