by Alexandra Goebel

  • Local health-tech company launches a new initiative that disrupts the $3.65 trillion healthcare industry
  • Unheard of participation in annual health screenings and data analysis making headway in the insurance space to predict and prevent health problem
  • BeniComp leverages preventive health management to end the chronic disease epidemic and reduce healthcare expenses

“The future of healthcare is a health solution.” Doug Short, CEO (BeniComp)

Tampa, FL - Doug Short, CEO announces the evolution of his 57-year-old company as “BeniComp Insurance Company” becomes “BeniComp Health Solutions” to reflect the modern TPA/insurance provider’s latest innovation in the health insurance space-- IncentiCare. IncentiCare is a “health solution” that eradicates two major problems facing the healthcare industry (1) The chronic disease epidemic (2) Rising healthcare expenses year-over-year. 

Leveraging over half a century of employer-sponsored healthcare experience, a clinical team of functional medicine specialists, and modern technology, IncentiCare provides a complete strategy for self-funded employers who want year-over-year cost reductions by addressing the often overlooked root cause that has been driving the costs-- individual health status. 

Leading the way with cutting-edge health insurance technology 

BeniComp’s proprietary software, Pulse, was custom-designed to analyze participants’ unique blood data and medical records, providing comprehensive insights into an individual’s health and accurately predicting health risks before a patient ever steps foot in a doctors office. Early detection with an easy-to-understand dashboard and access to a clinical team empowers individuals to make necessary lifestyle changes before risks become serious.

Results of Preventive Health Management

“When 96% of the entire population shows up for an annual health screening, you have an incredible view of what's going on inside of people. Just imagine. Our Preventive Health Management team can see all of the unmanaged diabetics and prediabetics- 90% of which have no idea they may be a year away from a lifetime of chronic disease medication. That alone equates to $12,000 to $15,000 per year when we can help them prevent diabetes altogether by addressing the risk through lifestyle adjustments. And this is just scratching the surface. “ --Steve Presser, COO of BeniComp

According to the CDC, 75% of healthcare expenditures in America are related to chronic disease even though 80% of chronic diseases are preventable through lifestyle.

Our clinical team combines Preventive Health Management (PHM) strategies with the Pulse tech platform to look into the employee population and identify participants with health risks. The risks are then addressed through preventive, lifestyle medicine and coaching. 

Case 1 - Incenticare saved an estimated $165,000 in medical costs, thanks to early identification of potential heart attacks and Type-2 diabetes in participants.

Case 2 - IncentiCare detected unmanaged Type-2 diabetes in 14 participants of the group and assisted them in reversing their conditions with PHM. 

Case 3 - IncentiCare identified critical liver enzyme levels in one participant that, left untreated, would have required a liver transplant. Following the diagnosis by their PCP, the problem was treated and saved the participant and company upwards of $300,000.

Ending the trend of rising healthcare expenses

“[Employers] need to actually get involved with what is causing the losses. There are certain things the employer has no control over and they insure themselves for those-- Catastrophic, shock losses, things we don't expect... crashes-- that's what insurance is all about. 80% of all losses incurred by employees or their dependents are self caused, meaning the employees’ lifestyle, sleep habits, exercise habits, what they eat. They play significant roles in what is causing the employee’s claim dynamics.” -- Doug Short, CEO

“The previous world constantly tried to lower what a claim costs. But what is the cost of a claim that has been avoided? $0.00-- it has been avoided.” -- Doug Short, CEO


About our company:

BeniComp Health Solutions

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CEO: Doug Short, 2nd Generation who took over the business from his father, Don Short.


At first glance, it is apparent that the BeniComp team is on a mission to “do things differently.” A 57-year-old company who dares to blaze a new path, reveal the hidden secrets of the health insurance industry, and reinvent the definition of healthcare innovation. Leveraging custom software and preventive health management (PHM), BeniComp offers an unmatched strategy for employers and employees to take complete control of their health and healthcare expenses.


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