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  • Doug Short (40-year President & CEO) names Steve Presser (COO & CSO) the new President of BeniComp Health Solutions.
  • Presser announces and affirms the direction of the company’s future with a heavy focus on the development of Pulse technology to help employers manage the health of their population.
  • In the last 5 years, internal technology has led to areas of the business becoming 90% more efficient, allowing for the company to reinvest millions in software development and their growing innovation team.


January 1, 2020-- Doug Short (40-year President & CEO) announced the transition of his role at BeniComp Health Solutions. He passed the torch to Steve Presser (5 year COO & CSO and long term business partner) who is now officially the new President & COO of this innovative, 58-year-old start-up. With Presser at the wheel, Short takes a step up to focus on how BeniComp fits into the bigger picture of society at large.


“Through life and business, I have seen that it takes courage. Courage to dream, to lead, to innovate, and courage to stand when others fall. It takes courage to follow and courage to support, but it also takes courage to step aside” - Doug Short, CEO


This shift in presidency marks a culmination of the company’s history and vision. BeniComp now breaks through a new frontier-- the future of healthcare. The product that makes this possible is Pulse, BeniComp’s proprietary health management software. This tech platform uses unique health and financial data to expose risks, empowering individuals with the incentives, information, and resources they need to prevent and reverse health problems. With the big picture in mind and the end user at heart, Short and Presser have put strategic health solutions in the hands of employer groups across the nation, enabling them to take control over their group health strategies and influence entire populations.


“The future of healthcare will have education, personalization, and technology at its core,” says Presser. “Back in the early 2000’s Doug envisioned and built a revolutionary health insurance product that achieves 96% participation in preventive health screenings. The resulting health screening data becomes a window into a person’s current health. Around 10 years ago I started to work on Pulse, a proprietary technology platform built to manage and improve the health of populations. Once I reconnected with Doug and BeniComp, and learned how synergistic our visions were, things really took off and I couldn’t be more excited!”


Since the very beginning, when Presser joined BeniComp in 2015, he brought the vision that technology is the future of the company. Year-over-year, Benicomp has experienced significant growth as digital processes have replaced outdated systems of paper and manual labor. Experiencing operational efficiencies of 90% in major areas of the business, the team has been able to reinvest millions into innovation, development, and their exceptionally talented employees. Today, the team serves 1,800 employer groups nationwide.


“The future of healthcare is a health solution,” says Doug Short. “We have actually changed the temperature of the way tech works inside of the healthcare industry. Like Yellow Cab vs Uber. Like Netflix vs Blockbuster. I think we have the chance to revolutionize a space that is very static and very old… And we are moving towards things that are for society’s best interest.”


About BeniComp Health Solutions
As a health tech company in the insurance space, BeniComp provides organizations with forward-thinking solutions to sustain the health of their workforce. Leveraging their expertise as a 50-state TPA, and rich company history since 1962, BeniComp develops health products and technology with an emphasis on prevention and empowerment. BeniComp’s innovation office resides in Tampa, Florida with their operations office in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.


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