Job Description

BeniComp is growing at a record pace and we are looking for passionate, driven, and creative superstars to join our Tampa team. We are seeking a highly skilled, experienced Chief Financial Officer as we continue to grow and develop. In this position, you will oversee all fiscal activity including developing and managing Client Accounting, budgeting, and forecasting portfolio performance. You will work to plan and forecast the overall financial vision for the company to ensure productive financial operations and growth strategies.

Who We Are

We inspire change and build creative solutions for the largest industry in America. The healthcare industry is begging for an overhaul and we are here to answer. BeniComp is a technology company at its core and is fueled by executing unique patent-pending healthcare products that inspire populations to join our vision.

What You'll Do

  • Develop and monitor the Client Accounting division to ensure accurate daily accounting operations
  • Manage and track budget and accounting information including billing, collections, and tax information
  • Oversee all fiscal reporting within the company and create monthly budget reports 
  • Effectively lead the finance/accounting team by hiring and retaining top-grade talent
  • Develop and coach existing team
  • Proactively replace underperformers as needed
  • Assist in the creation of a strategic financial plan
  • Proactively manage cash flows in a leveraged environment
  • Advise on methods to increase reenue and bring down costs
  • Assess financial risks and work to minimize them, always staying abreast to any changes in the market and communicating them to the President and COO
  • Provide useful financial insights to help make better decisions about formulating and executing business strategy
  • Establish internal control processes required to manage and grow the business
  • Lead financial aspects of potential M&A activity
  • Lead the financial evaluations of mergers and acquisition candidates
  • Structure, negotiate, and finalize purchase agreements


  • The ability to prioritize and organize projects and tasks from beginning to end
  • Tech-savvy and does not have "can't" in their vocabulary. Must be strategic and resourceful to research ways to get the job done
  • Highly organized with attention to detail, because we move fast
  • Energetic and pumped about what we are doing
  • Exceptional social intelligence and communication internally and externally
  • Strong work ethic and innate responsibility to deadlines
  • Strong problem-solving skills and critical thinking
  • Team player with enormously positive attitude


Salary: Will be discussed during interview process -- based on experience level.

Career Level: Highly Experienced

Experience Preferred: 5+ years related work experience

Education Preferred: Accounting/Finance Degree previously obtained. CPA and MBA preferred.

Job Type: Full Time, In-House

To Apply You Must: Provide a current resume with a cover letter.


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About BeniComp

BeniComp is an innovative health insurance company offering supplemental products to companies around the country. By addressing the critical health insurance issues of today, we put preventive health at the core of our products. Our passionate, diversely talented team is creative, energetic, and collaborates with some of the most prominent companies in the country.

Our Vision

To develop the future of health insurance as a health solution.

Our Mission

To create innovative health insurance products that result in positive health change.