East Coast Underwriters, LLC and BeniComp, Inc.® Announce New Health Insurance Product, IncentiCare®, and the Healthy Pool Captive to Prevent Health Costs


Spartanburg, SC, August 26, 2018 – East Coast Underwriters (ECU) and BeniComp, Inc. ® have joined forces to launch a revolutionary health insurance product for self-funded employer groups called IncentiCare® that radically reduces healthcare costs. The solution prevents expensive claims from happening by identifying health risks on nearly the entire population, and proactively reducing lifestyle-related claims. Additionally, IncentiCare employer groups earn a spot in a profit-sharing Healthy Pool Captive Cell where the reduction in claims can become profit to participating groups.  

IncentiCare approaches two issues simultaneously that have plagued employer groups for years: rising employee deductibles; and increasing healthcare claims linked to chronic disease.

IncentiCare allows employees to control their own deductible by earning significant rewards linked to health results. Outcome-based deductible incentives are placed on five health biomarkers in the blood that are controllable through lifestyle:

  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Blood Pressure
  • Blood Glucose
  • LDL Cholesterol
  • Tobacco Use

Unidentified Health Risks on Virtually Every Employee

The plan’s unique filings make IncentiCare the only product that can offer thousands of dollars of potential earned deductible credits. Using significant financial rewards, IncentiCare achieves an unmatched 96% average participation in annual blood screenings, identifying health risks on virtually every employee in the company. IncentiCare’s custom application provides the Preventive Health Management (PHM) team with real data from blood biomarkers, historical claims, and ongoing claims to engage with at-risk employees. This allows IncentiCare to reach the employees who need intervention the most. The result is educated, empowered employees who work together with health professionals to address the root cause of their health risks.


IncentiCare aligns interests to benefit both the employer and the employees. Total healthcare costs are reduced, employees can earn lower deductibles, and the overall health solution creates a sustainable culture of prevention.

ECU was intrigued by IncentiCare and wanted to verify the financial and cultural results first hand. Aaron Wilkie, President of ECU, remarked, “We are very excited and proud to begin working with BeniComp and the IncentiCare product. In fact, we were so impressed by the IncentiCare product that we implemented it on our own plan. The results have been significant.” 

The Introduction of a Healthy Pool Captive

With the promising results and a desire to round up like-minded employers, ECU formed the first-ever Healthy Pool Captive that rewards employer groups for taking control of rising healthcare costs and making a difference through prevention. The Healthy Pool is a profit-sharing stop-loss captive cell exclusively for employer groups participating in IncentiCare. Dividend payments are distributed to the participating groups when the captive is profitable. Groups can participate in the captive cell at no risk, and there is no capital requirement or cash calls in this captive cell.

“We are excited to offer IncentiCare and participation in The Healthy Pool Captive Cell to our clients, Third-Party Administrators, and Agents,” said Wilkie. “Not only does this product provide upfront cost savings through a deductible shift, but ECU also gives significant credit to groups who implement the program. We see the value in this product and are excited to promote it alongside BeniComp. With the addition of IncentiCare, ECU continues to differentiate ourselves from our competitors and provide innovative Stop Loss solutions to our clients.”

Pan American Life Insurance Group insures both the supplemental IncentiCare Plan for BeniComp, and the Medical Stop Loss for ECU, making IncentiCare a seamless integration for the employer group’s health plan. Doug Short, President & CEO at BeniComp, commented, “We are very excited to partner with East Coast Underwriters.  Since 2001, ECU has excelled at delivering great service and unique product solutions, particularly to smaller employers who may be self-funding for the first time. This partnership reflects our vision to develop the future of health insurance as a health solution."

ECU and BeniComp will be at the 38th Annual SIIA National Educational Conference in Austin, TX Sept. 23-25, 2018. Please contact us to arrange a meeting.

BeniComp Insurance Company, based in Tampa, FL, has created innovative health insurance products that result in positive health change since 1962. Visit www.benicomp.com to get a sneak peek at What’s NextSM.

East Coast Underwriters (ECU) based in Spartanburg, SC, is a Managing General Underwriter, providing Medical Stop Loss Insurance to employer groups who self-fund their medical benefits since 2001. Medical Stop Loss Insurance protects an employer’s medical plan against catastrophic medical claims. In addition to Medical Stop Loss coverage, ECU also markets and manages Blue Ridge Captive Solutions. Visit www.ecumgu.com for additional information and resources.

Visit www.benicomp.com/ECU for additional information and resources on IncentiCare.

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