Meet Kieran, our Director of Strategic Growth

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Kieran Pittman is the Director of Strategic Growth at BeniComp Health Solutions. She leverages 12+ years in professional selling, communications, and operations with her expertise in health insurance to deliver strategic solutions to self-funded employers. Kieran is leading the movement toward the future of health insurance with an unprecedented approach that brings prevention, health data, transparency, and innovative technology to the industry. Her approach empowers entire populations to improve their health while lowering the cost of group healthcare, freeing up cash flow and reducing profit leak for companies. She has collaborated with over 1,000 advisers and 3,000 employer groups in addition to vetting over 250 of the nation's top cost-containment vendors to build BeniComp's self-funded health insurance model, IncentiCare. Her mission is to offer a best-in-class health insurance solution that exposes hidden fees and aligns population health with organizational goals. Many say that Kieran holds the best-kept secret in health insurance.